Grass Fed Initiative Introduction

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Mission Statement:

To reach out to breeders and consumers to provide information about grass finish genetics, management, and marketing

To develop a directory of producers who are developing grass-based genetics and retail product

To enhance communication between producers and consumers

To increase name recognition and market share for Red Poll Cattle.


The American Red Poll Association has developed the Grass Finished Initiative to add to and broaden the range of Red Poll cattle in the American beef industry in hopes of increasing cattle numbers, registrations, transfers, and educating wellness consumers about Red Poll beef.

There are several misconceptions about the development of this proposal. It is not an organic based or certified grass-fed program. It is not an attempt to overshadow and compete with grain fed beef. We are not attempting to change the bylaws of ARPA or condemn grain-fed cattle. It is simply our desire to branch out and expand the role and market acceptability of the Red Poll breed.  Bear in mind that the feed efficiency that allows cattle to finish on grass is totally transferable to the conventional feedlot.

We want to encourage all members of the ARPA who have grass-based genetics in their herd and/or harvest grass finished beef for sale to participate in the directory. Keep in mind that the Red Poll began as a dual purpose animal because of their unique ability to produce milk and beef; let us continue this tradition by developing cattle that can work profitably on grass and/or the feedlot. The purpose of this directory is to help all Red Poll breeders expand their marketing options.


Jeff D.Wilkins, Chairman
T.J. Currier
George Shaffer
Jo-Ellen Greene
Andrew Harrington
Nathan Melson
Ted Stevens