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  • Mon - Fri: 10am - 3pm EST

ARPA Number: 5952

Farm Name: Rattlesnake Ridge Ranch
Contact Name: Barb & Dick Rodgers
Address: PO Box 335, Davenport, WA 99122
Email Address:
Website: www.redpollcattle.net
Day Phone: 509-924-3451
Number Hd. Feeder Calves: 35
Open Heifers: 6
Bred Heifers: 5
Bred Cows: 4
Cow/Calf Pairs: 5
Steers: 5
Semen: 2
Registration #: yes
Asking Price: Varies
Description: Have a few older cows 10-11 still calving on time & raising big calves; but they need to be on smaller acreage for their retirement with less brush & predator problems so they can enjoy their final years. One is almost a milk cow & is the baby sitter & cow calving vocalizor. Easy to load, herd, handle & is dam of our Quickstop 711 bull; need milk this is the one. Moderate frame. Calves in 2016 out of two tested Zoitis (Pfizer) top 2% feed efficiency bulls. Weaned calves available this fall out of our calving ease bull RR Rocky (registration#213214)