Bulls for sale – OK

Star Gazer Farm
Glenda Tate Bolinger
21426 NS 407 Road
Nowata, OK 74048

[email protected]
Asking Price: $1500 each
Description: Contact me for Pictures. My bulls are very closely related if anyone has enough cows and are wanting to establish a breeding program. These boys are sired by Kansas 3M Fusion and their dams have Three C’s Buckeye as well other well know bull lines.
Please print our their pedigrees and you will see how consistent your calves from these brothers should be.

Registry # 217875 SGF Rock Star 191, born 3/8/20, BW 82
Registry # 217877 SGF Big Mack Daddy 341, born 05/23/2020.
Registry # 217876 SGF Hit the Marc 131, born 04/25/2020.

date posted 3/18/22