National Ambassador Program

The purpose of the National Red Poll Ambassador contest is to select an outstanding young person to represent the American Red Poll Association in public appearances throughout the nation.

1.  The National Red Poll Ambassador Contest will be held during the National Junior Preview Show.


  1. The Contestant must send a completed Application for National Red Poll Ambassador to the American Red Poll Association office (or designated representative) by the entry deadline of June 1 of each year.
  2. The candidate must be single and between the ages of 16 and 21 years of age on the day of the contest. A minimum of two (2) years of active American Junior Red Poll Association membership/participation is required.
  3. The American Red Poll Association will award a $500 scholarship to the contestant selected.
  4. The candidate is required to present a speech, not to exceed five (5) minutes in length on one the following subjects: promoting the Red Poll breed, promoting more beef consumption, any subject related to the beef industry or Red Poll breed, or general history of the Red Poll breed and its influence on the beef industry.
  5. Each contestant will put together a presentation on poster board or media presentation (available on a flash drive) on any subject complimentary to the Red Poll breed. This may accompany the required speech. (See #3).
  6. A former National Red Poll Ambassador may not succeed him or herself unless there is no eligible junior member. The Junior Advisor may approve an extension of one year.
  7. Contestants should wear appropriate clothing. No blue jeans.
  8. The contestants will meet with a panel of three (3) judges who will select an Ambassador. During the interview, impromptu questions will be asked to determine the contestant’s ability to think on his or her feet, to determine his or her knowledge of Red Polls and to communicate well.
  9. The contestant selected will be announced at the banquet at the National Junior Preview Show.
  10. Travel, lodging, and meal expense are the responsibility of each contestant.
  11. The Ambassador will be available at all Preview and National Shows; and is encouraged to attend as many state shows and activities as possible to promote the Red Poll breed. He or she will submit an article(s) to the Red Poll Beef Journal to share his or her experiences and to promote the breed.
  12. Each contestant needs to provide a digital portrait for the Red Poll Beef Journal.

Score Card

Dress, Poise, Personality                 30 points

Speech Presentation                         20 points

Media Display                                     25 points

Ability to respond to questions       20 points

Total     95 points


The contest is sponsored by the American Red Poll Association. The sponsors are not responsible for transportation, lodging or meals for the contestants. The contestant and his or her parent(s) or chaperons are guests at the Preview Show and National Meeting and Show Banquet.


Mail the 2017 Application for National Red Poll Ambassador to:

Becky Ebersole
Red Oak Farm
512 Peters Avenue
Troy, OH 45373