Breed Attributes

Breed Attributes

A breed’s worth is based upon the cattle’s ability to provide solutions to the economic needs of commercial cattlemen.

Red Polls are uniquely suited to fulfill many of the economic and management needs of a wide range of commercial farmers and ranchers.

Maternal Traits

  • Red Polls are naturally fertile and re-breed quickly after calving
  • Easy calving cows
  • Good mothers
  • Good milk producers – good udders

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Quiet Temperament

  • Red Polls are quiet cattle that respond well to good handling practices, ideal for 4-H projects and for people who aren’t into wild, “exciting” cattle
  • Quiet cattle convert feed better
  • Quiet cattle create more tender meat

Feed Ef ficiency

  • Feed represents the largest single cost in producing beef – the ability to ef ficiently convert feed to meat is critical to profitability in the cattle business
  • Red Polls are feed ef ficient
  • Smaller bone structure, thinner hide, less waste mean less feed necessary for maintenance, more feed available for growth
  • Moderate frame size combined with natural and selected feed ef ficiency gives Red Polls the ability to finish to Choice on grass

Carcass Quality

  • Red Polls are renowned for tender beef
  • High Yielding Carcasses – high lean to bone ratio – more sale-able product from each carcass
  • Well-marbled beef – necessary for good taste and tenderness


  • Uniform colored calves make uniform selling lots – bring higher prices
  • Pre-potent bulls pass their structural style to all of their calves
  • Uniform calves aid in planning the breeding program


To learn more about what makes Red Poll Cattle unique and how they can work in YOUR operation, please contact a Red Poll Breeder near you, or the American Red Poll Association.