Junior Red Poll Association

The Stonebrook Scholarship applications are due. This $500 scholarship is for a second-semester sophomore or above majoring in an agricultural field.

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Stonebrook Scholarship Applications


The Western Red Poll Association has invited the Junior Preview Show to be held June 9, 10 and 11, 2023 at Lincoln University, Carver Farm, 3804, Bald Hill Road, Jefferson City MO 65101. Bonnie Linhardt and the Willard Gardner family will be our hosts.

More information will be posted once it is known.

Below is information from last year’s 2022 Junior Preview Show which was held at the Henry County Fairgrounds in Eminence, KY.

A mailing was sent out in early May 2022 with entry form and information. Entries must be postmarked by June 1, 2022. Contact Teresa Jackson if you don’t get one or click below.

***** Click here for the 2022 Junior Preview Show packet including entry forms. ***** This is informational only to see the type of info required. A new posting will be added for 2023.

In addition to the fun stuff at the Junior Preview Show, there are also two programs you can participate in outside the Junior Preview Show.  For more information on those two programs, click below!

Diamond Excel Award Program
National Ambassador Program

Mission Statement: To promote the Red Poll breed to young people;
To develop future breeders and leaders for the Red Poll breed in the United States;
To provide social networking for young Red Poll enthusiasts

Junior Association Advisor:Teresa Jackson

The Junior Association would like to thank the Miller and McCall families and all others involved for hosting the 2022 Junior Preview Show in Eminence, KY.

Please contact Teresa Jackson: [email protected]

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