Advertising opportunity –


There’s a new online classified ads site for U.S. Cattlemen that you can use to effectively advertise your bulls, semen, and females. 

Ads will run for 60 days, featuring up to 5 photos and text for only $9 when you use the $10 coupon offered to the first 15 advertisers that place an ad.

An awareness & reminder email is sent to 30,000 U.S. Cattlemen each month to check out the latest breeding stock ads on the site. 
To place your ad:  

     1  click on  

  1. click on Publish New Listing.  
  2. click the category and subcategory you want your ad in.
  3. add your photo or photos and text 
  4. add your price in the box with the 1 in it. (if you don’t, no price will show in your ad, unless you put the price in your ad text)
  5. type in save using all lower-case letters to receive your $10 discount.  Your credit card payment will now charge you $9 and be processed by offers more advertising opportunities other than bull, semen and females; there is also cattle equipment, nutritional products and animal health.

If you know a couple of cattlemen that might find our site useful, please forward this email to them.

[email protected]