Uruguay looking for US semen/embryos

Dear fellow breeders, it is a pleasure to communicate with you. I am Mariano Fernández Juncal, President of the Red Poll Breeders Society of Uruguay. The reason for this message is our interest in importing semen or embryos from your herds. The animals and their biotype that we see seem exceptional and very adaptable to our conditions.

Specifically, I would like to know if the American Breeders Society knows of any breeders that are sending bulls or embryos to a bull collection center in order to import them to Uruguay. Until now, the drawback has been that the bull center must comply with export protocols.

I leave you my concerns and I hope to be able to make some business. I hope next year to visit producers of our beloved Red Poll breed and exchange experiences.

Thank you very much in advance, I look forward to your kind response.


Ing. Agr. (Mag.) Mariano Fernández Juncal


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