Australian Semen Available

My name is Brittany Abbott and I am from the Turanga Red Poll Stud in Victoria, Australia. 
I am writing to you inquiring for semen interest in America from Australian Red Poll bulls. 
My family’s Stud is in the process of qualifying bulls for EU collections and seeking interest to weather there are Stud’s looking for new and exciting genetics in America and surrounding countries.
We have four promising bulls that that we feel are strong candidates for international usage. These bulls are a well rounded packages that cater for grass fed beef production and overall phenotype advantages.

For a bit of background to our herd: 
The Turanga Red Poll Stud was established in 1985 by the late Eric Abbott who was known to be an astute cattle breeder which a sharp eye for the fine points of a cow. Eric enjoyed breeding capacious cows that had excellent udders and reared great calves. In today’s herd of 100 stud breeders, fertility, temperament, confirmation and performance are key necessities of our herd to target commercial and stud operations. For further information and more of an insight to our herd visit our Facebook page Turanga Red Poll Stud: Grass Fed Beef.

I have attached four documents that contain a profile of each bull. 

Amos           Curly              Fuss               True Value

If you require any more information or footage just notify me and I can make that available.
It would be fantastic to hear back from you and it would be greatly appreciated if you could please forward this onto breed members. 
I hope all is going well in America.

Kind Regards,
Brittany Abbott
[email protected]
+61 0481353881